Spend Your Days With the Stars and Your Nights Sleeping Under the Stars!

The fun doesn't have to end just because the festival gates aren't open yet! Set up your home-away-from-home in our legendary Jack Link's Northwoods Music Festival Campground. Hang out and have a good time with old friends or make new ones in a community of thousands centered around nothing but fun.

Please be sure that you are wearing your 2-Day wristband if you wish to enter or stay in the campgrounds!




Prices will go up to $150

When the music is over this is the place to be! Located throughout the General campground, these sites are reservable pre-event so all you have to do is show up and your site is waiting for you. Reserve as a group and take the guessing work out of planning your camping experience with us.

  • These sites are assigned to a specific location
  • Sites are approximately 19'x40'
  • For everybodys convenience and comfort there is a strict 2 a.m. noise curfew
  • Located at Highway 53 & WI 77 adjacent to Link RV
  • Provides room for 1 tent and one vehicle
  • Or one camper and one vehicle
  • Or one motor home
  • One additional vehicle pass may be purchased for $30



Prices will go up to $300

  • VIP Camping includes electric hookups.
  • A campsite located in a prime location.
  • Only 8 of these sites are available so get yours today!

Camping Policies & Info


  • When do gates officially open for camping? If you are a camper, you can load in as early as Thursday, from 8 am-8 pm. Camping gates will re-open at 8 am on Friday. If you arrive for camping to set-up after dusk, you will have to wait until the gates open the next morning. Please plan accordingly.
  • I am dropping off a camper for a family member/friend before the festival begins. Do I need a wristband to get onto the site? Camping check-in opens Thursday at 8 am, will remain open each day until approximately 8 pm. You are welcome to drop off a camper for your family members or friends during front gate hours, 8 am - 8 pm, on Thursday. You will be asked to provide your valid Driver's License to ensure that you exit the grounds. Starting Friday at 8 am, everyone will be required to be wearing their wristband in order to enter the grounds.
  • Is the price of campsites per night or for both days? When you purchase a campsite, you are purchasing it for both days of the festival. Actually you can camp for 3 nights; move-in begins Thursday at 8 am.
  • When are campers expected to leave on Saturday after the show? Check out is noon on Sunday.
  • Are the campsites serviced?
    Yes. Water and sewage services will be available for a minimum charge.
  • Alcohol Policy - Everything there is to know about alcohol.
    MUST BE AGE 21 OR OLDER TO CONSUME ALCOHOL Anyone under the age of 21 caught with alcohol or under the influence of alcohol will be ejected from the festival and turned over to the custody of Minong PD. No refund will be given.
  • Campground POLICY:
    Each person over the age of 21 with a valid Camping wristband & Festival wristband may enter the camping with 2 total of the following items (not 2 of each item):
    • Case of beer-cans only
    • Hard Alcohol in plastic, sealed, original bottle.
    • Boxed wine
    • NO Kegs
    • NO Glass (including beer/wine/hard alcohol bottles).  Alcohol in glass containers are not allowed and can not be transferred into plastic containers or any other non glass container.
    • If anyone in the vehicle is under the age of 21, organizers reserve the right to deny entry unless alcohol is surrendered.
    • NO Alcohol taken in or out of venue area.
    • Must obtain a 21 + over drinking wristband to purchase and consume alcohol.
    • NO purchasing/giving drinks to minors or in any way contributing to the intoxication of a minor. You will be ejected from the festival without refund and subject to arrest.
    • NO passing of 21 + over wristband.
    • Please be sensible about the amount of alcohol you plan to bring and consume.
  • Does the campsite purchase include festival tickets?
    No, these are sold separately.
  • Does it matter how many people are at my campsite, as long as we have only 1 sleeping unit?
    You can have as many people on your campsite as you want, as long as you are following the rules. Everyone on the campsite must have a 2 DAY wristband. NO single day wristbands or non-ticketed visitors permitted in the campgrounds. ALL of your belongings MUST fit on your campsite, no exceptions.
  • Do I need a special pass to get into the campgrounds?
    In order to access the campgrounds, you must have a two-day wristband. If you want to set up a campsite and park a vehicle or motor home you will need a two-day camping pass.


There is a $30 fee for each additional car you want to park at your campsite.

Water and sewage services will be available for a minimum charge.



 In the spirit of making Jack Link's Northwoods Music Festival an enjoyable experience for everyone,

please read all rules and regulations, as they will be strictly enforced.


  • All persons entering the campground must have a Two-day wristband to the Jack Link's Northwoods Music Festival. Anyone found in any camping areas without the proper passes are subject to trespassing charges. Single Day attendees are not permitted in any camping area.
  • ATV’s, Golf Carts, and other recreational vehicles are prohibited from use. They will be impounded and assessed an impound fee.
  • Talking, singing, radios, televisions, etc. must be kept at a volume that will not disturb other quests. Absolutely no amplified PA systems, DJ’s or Sound Systems will be permitted or operated in any camping area
  • Please be courteous to your neighbors. Have fun but respect others. Anyone acting abusive or causing trouble will be removed from the festival grounds.
  • No flagging or roping off sites permitted. These WILL be removed!
  • All minors attending Jack Link's Northwoods Music Festival must be accompanied by at least one parent or legal guardian
  • No sexually aggressive or inappropriate behavior will be tolerated.
  • People who sneak into Jack Link's Northwoods Music Festival without paying may be ticketed for trespassing. Any violators of the law may be subject to arrest.
  • No motorcycles unless identified as an additional vehicle
  • Campsites must be kept clean throughout the weekend. Bag all trash (bags provided at campground check-in) and refuse and place it alongside your campsite for pick up each morning. We appreciate your help in keeping the campsites clean. All campsites must be cleaned and all camping equipment removed by noon, Sunday August 13th. Anything left behind will be considered garbage and will be disposed of.
  • Please do not park or abandon vehicles on the campground roads. Illegally parked vehicles will be impounded and you will be assessed an impound fee.
  • Charging for any kind of beverage at private parties is illegal
  • Unauthorized vending is strictly prohibited
  • Kegs and glass containers are not allowed in any camping area. These items will be confiscated.
  • No pets (let’s avoid stepping in it or the risk of bites)
  • No portable pools allowed
  • NO weapons of any kind permitted in any area
  • NO rooftop parties.
  • Fires will be allowed only in fire rings and cooking grills. All fires are to be attended at all times. Absolutely no bonfires or pit fires!  Special instructions pertaining to fires may be in effect depending on weather conditions. Camper must provide.
  • For the safety of our guests, traffic patterns have been established to eliminate two-way traffic. All guests are asked to observe the NO PARKING and ONE WAY signs, as well as the established speed limit of 20mph in the camping areas. Cruising or riding in the back of pickup trucks is prohibited. There will be no incoming traffic allowed between the hours of 11:00pm-6:00am Friday & Saturday.
  • Due to liability issues, grills & smokers exceeding 350 sq inches of cooking space will not be permitted in the campgrounds.
  • No overnight parking in any of the General Parking areas. Vehicles must be removed by 3:00 a.m. Vehicles left overnight will be towed and impounded. $100 per day release fee.

Campground Schedule

  • Camp check-in opens Thursday at 8 a.m. Check-in will be open daily from Thursday – Saturday 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. Please plan accordingly. When camp check-in is not open you are not permitted to enter the campgrounds if you have not checked in. DO NOT DISTURB CAMPGROUND HOSTS!!!!
  • Beginning 8 a.m. on Friday all campers will be required to have event camping and parking permits. Anyone not possessing the proper passes will be asked to leave the campgrounds. Beginning 8 a.m. on Friday camping staff will begin arm banding. If you arrive prior to Friday, you must stop by camping check-in to be arm banded.

We remind everyone camping that they do so at their own risk. The facility reserves the right to refuse admission, eject any person violating the facility, local, state or federal laws or whose conduct is deemed illegal, disorderly or offensive by management.  The promoters, managers, and owners of the Jack Link's Northwoods Music Festival assume no responsibility for the actions of any guests or visitors to these areas.